The Last Adventure of Humanity

I spend a lot of time alone – you should try it sometime. Whilst most of us chase around to meet the stressful targets of our ‘spreadsheet living’ (a term I coined in 2004), some of us reside in stillness and contemplation – questioning those things that others accept as fact. Not joining in with the frenetic and oft enforced frivolity of a cultural media, keen to exploit our inadequacies for not attending the party, some of us now reside on the side lines, living a vicarious lifestyle, watching the passenger express passing us at speed en route to oblivion. People are now so busy ‘doing’ that they are no longer ‘being’.
Like the screaming kid who shouts, “It’s not fair!”, at the parent doing his or her own ‘best’ to cope with a situation of no definition in a new shared experience, it seems we set ourselves up for failure because of a need to get everything right first time. Children are permitted to make mistakes – adults are not. And yet, while we continue to deal with the issues of our shared physical reality, few of us question the absurdity of the situations we become involved with, or notice how they multiply like a swarm of wasps whose nest is stirred by a well-placed stick!
The computer revolution that was intended to make our lives easier and more efficient, has gone the same way as nuclear power to make our energy cheaper. Someone always sees the potential to profiteer from any situation, whether it be to sell more or to produce more. With an increasing population comes increasing accountability, together with additional controls to prevent radical thought and action, not in keeping with society’s contrived and often distorted values. More of us are now involved in tracking and documenting other people’s lives than we are in living our own! Bureaucracy has to now come before any decision to engage with anything. A mental risk assessment is mandatory before leaving the house, and taking on just that bit more gives us kudos among our peers but more stress on our health.
So I decided something had to change. Not necessarily that my experienced version of the world had to change, but that I had to change. The choice was stark: Join in with the rest, or step out of the field.
Having decided I couldn’t join in whole-heartedly, I then had to decide how I was going to live my own truth. It’s one thing to say you’ve had enough of what everyone else is doing, but quite another to buck against the trend with inner conviction. For over 30 years, I had explored what might be termed, the more spiritual and metaphysical side of life. This exploration began with a feeling of disquiet around conventional viewpoints, progressed through reading the works of eastern Gurus, and ended up following the advice of channelled off-world ‘entities’.
The basic assertion goes something like this:
  • The world as you perceive it is not real; it is illusory
  • Linear time does not exist – there is only one spacious present
  • The individual creates his or her own reality – in every moment of ‘now’
  • Physical experience is feedback to your own inner output
  • Your beliefs about reality are only beliefs – not facts

So that’s clear then! The funny thing is, that intellectually, it is very clear to many. The difficulty is knowing it and living it, rather than believing it might be a vague possibility. The problem at a personal level is that if I slap the top of the table with my hand, it slaps me back with equal force… and yet science can view my table through a powerful electron microscope and inform me that nothing is solid and everything is in constant motion. So if nothing is solid, why can’t I push my hand through the table? I have answers to this but, not wishing to take up more space here, I will move on.
In 2011, I gave a talk to a select group of scientists and researchers in Barcelona entitled, ‘Quantum Mass Superstructures’ and the following year I published a book on the subject with the added strap line: creating the world you experience. In it I present a case for conscious action on the quantum field, resulting in that well-used cliché, ‘thoughts become things’.
“We all create our physical world from our inner projections”
Perhaps by now, you are wondering, “what is this ‘last adventure of humanity’ all about?” Simply put, it is the realisation that we all create our physical world from our inner projections and our last stage of evolution is to develop a working understanding of co-creating our physical experience. This means that more of us have to fully understand that if we focus on our fears and multiply them through sharing with others, we continue to create a physical environment that becomes less and less, the world we wish to experience. The last adventure is an integral one to our progression; for individuals, and cultures. It is about taking more control over our thoughts and full responsibility over our actions and experiences. Almost exclusively, putting into our imagination the world we wish to experience – not dwelling on the world we do not want or have. Contrast undoubtedly helps focus our attention between what is happening and whether or not we want to perpetuate or change it.
You might think that this is easy, but I assure you, it takes practice. Most of us are caught in habitual behaviour – rarely taking the time out to consider our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Those of us who think we are ‘mindful’ will quickly slip into conversation that shows we are not. We might decide not to involve ourselves in the judgement of others and in the next breath agree with our friend that all Politicians are tyrants; that big multinational businesses are reaping the world of its resources; that divisions between rich and poor are becoming wider, and so on. None of this is necessarily true. If you perceive this as such, then you have created it to experience it in your version of physical reality. You have even created those who will agree or disagree with your viewpoint.
So you agree with my comments and you start your personal adventure into inner focus. At least you start. However, it’s not long before you give up. It’s too hard. You aren’t seeing quick results. Be honest… the physical world is definitely here and solid. Let’s just go back to our work routine, pay the mortgage and plan our retirement. Opting out of what we know and are comfortable with – because we are used to its familiarity – is too much of a risk outside of our comfort zone. We all know that a worthwhile and fulfilling life is about having enough to pay our bills, meet our needs, and go on holiday… or have a few jars down the pub with our mates – putting the world to right – watching a bit of sport or the soaps on TV… It’s just luck and favourable circumstances that the wealthy in the world enjoy a charmed existence… something we are told we can aspire to if we follow some rules, but few believe they can reach.
The real adventure to change our circumstances begins within ourselves. It takes courage and, to begin with, perhaps it’s easier to ‘play at it’ like a child in a make-believe world without limitations – something we adults are encouraged to turn our backs on. We must all raise our personal vibratory output and we can start this by feeling good about something – anything! If you really want to join this adventure and change your life’s experience, you can find out more here:


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