- landofgobeyond.co.ukThe Land of Gobeyond is beyond the known. Wherever you reach a border, Gobeyond is past it. Gobeyond is always present, whether it be in our imagination or in someone’s physical reality.

Occasionally, it is possible to glimpse an insight into Gobeyond, though rarely can you stay for long. Gobeyond is both unusual and ordinary, mysterious and obvious. Sometimes you do not realise you are there, and at other times you can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Our journey begins with our imagination. We consider the possibility that something might exist. We look for evidence and eventually, we may find that what we predicted, is actually there. Scientists have followed this path many times. Gobeyond is the place where thoughts create substance. You may not see things. You may not find things. But know with certainty that they are there, waiting to be discovered or waiting to manifest themselves into someone’s sense of reality.

The Land of Gobeyond was first put on the Internet in 1998. At that time, computing and Internet access for the masses was only just becoming established. Computers were becoming affordable and memory was already coming down in price. Normal landlines with ‘dial-up’ modems were all that we had. In 1992, my employer provided me with a word processor running Microsoft’s MS-DOS and Windows 3.0 before later providing Desktop computerWindows NT 3.1 and by 1996, Windows NT 4.0 – and this was in a College of Further and Higher Education! Windows 2000 arrived in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2001, with the introduction of Windows XP, that things really started taking off. Vista in 2006 was a bit of a step backwards, but then in 2009, the brilliant Windows 7 came along. Another glitch in 2012-13 gave us the somewhat difficult to understand interface of Windows 8 and 8.1 and in 2015 a new Windows 10 caused some hesitation to upgrade… but by 2017 Windows 10 seemed firmly established as a mostly okay platform. At the time of reflecting on these changes, the introduction of Windows 11 is experiencing some of the same concerns as the original Windows 10… but I dare say those using PCs will eventually capitulate. Of course, the Apple Computer path has its own development story.

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