Favourite Physics

Favourite Physics

One of the important things to realise about science, is that it’s about noticing things, asking questions, and then finding evidence to discover answers. However, sometimes you need to imagine beyond what seems rational. Be inquisitive. Have a look at the video clips and links on this page and listen to what these scientists are saying.


“If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. That’s what Science is.” – Richard Feynman

Thomas Young’s famous double-slit experiment

This experiment, first demonstrated in the early 19th Century to show the diffraction of waves, is one of the few experiments of physics that gives weight to some of the spiritual teachings on creating reality, or as Seth might say, conversion of idea construction into physical objects.

An article on Quantum Foam (es)

“All physical matter is idea construction. We only see our own constructions. So-called empty space is full of constructions not our own that we cannot perceive. Our skin connects us to other physical constructions, and through it we are involved in the complicated fabric of continuous matter. The action of each one of the most minute of these particles affects each other one. The slight motion of one grain of sand causes a corresponding alteration in the distribution of the stars and in all matter’s fabric, from an atom in a man’s skull down to the slightest variation in a microbe’s action.”
Seth – Seth Dreams and Projection of Consciousness Part One: Chapter 1

“Antimatter exists in your own universe. You will not be able to determine its existence by any calculations aimed at discovering the existence of weight of mass. Antimatter, using your terms, exists simultaneously with your universe, having what I will call antigravity, and in what I will call anti-space. If you will now remember that there are negative intervals, or intervals between the pulsations of energy into matter, if you will remember that your physical universe then is non-existent for the same number of intervals that it is existent, then you will see that this gives us our antimatter.”
Seth – The Early Sessions Book 2 Session 61 June 10, 1964



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