In 1983, I completed my Degree in Fine Art/Sculpture, after becoming the first student to create installation work.

Tower by R Gentle 1983 - Tower by R Gentle 1983 - Tower by R Gentle 1983 - Tower by R Gentle 1983 -

The theme was childhood and education. The main tower was made from new wood at the bottom, but old reclaimed wood, the higher up it went – and the higher up you climbed, the more unstable it looked and felt. But if you were a child, you wouldn’t be looking at the potential danger, or perceive the apparent weakness of technical construction – so adults generally went up the stairs and stopped at the first level, whereas children scrambled all the way to the top.

There were three towers in total: One made entirely of reclaimed wood; one made of half new and half reclaimed wood; and one made of entirely new wood – the latter being a quite place to site among plants and type out  pages for a book.

There were also a few maquettes.

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