Richard J W Gentle

Land of Gobeyond was created in 1998 to reflect my interest in the dual nature of the world: The physical world of workable materials, and the virtual world of creative imagination.

Although this site is essentially a series of personal pages and not a business, I am always pleased to consider commission work - both in web development and constructive invention - in line with the sort of things found on this site. All that is required from you, is a starting point - a basic idea of the type of thing you would like and the feature or features you would like to be included. Ideas and items can be based around a favourite story, or simply produced from a series of personal thoughts.

The design of the site is intended to encourage exploration and discovery. Some links are deliberately disguised or hidden. The elements of Dr Who throughout the site originate from a childhood following of the television series in the 1970's and the influence the programmes played in my creative development and exploration. The Land of Gobeyond lends itself well to my many and varied interests, and new elements will be added or become apparent as time goes on. (more...)

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