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The Quartermaster Cabinet

They entered the room cautiously. Shafts of thin light split through the wooden shutters. The central table was laid with silver service joined by cobwebs. A raised bulge in the centre was highlighted by four rays. Steph moved towards the table but Jed was already there! With a flick of his stick the cobwebs were torn away in a cloud of silver dust.

The Quartermaster had been found. Steph gingerly picked it up while the others stared in awe. The myth was true. It really did exist!

Back in the light outside, they stood the Quartermaster on a wrought iron table. Tim started to open the drawers. Some of them came out further than others but none of them could be removed. Jed was the first to express their obvious disappointment. 'They're all empty!'

'But what about the crystal?' exclaimed Steph. 'The legend says the Quartermaster holds the key to light!' Tim produced the silver ball from his jacket pocket. 'I've still got this.' He said sheepishly. Realisation spread on the faces of Steph and Jed. 'Of course!' they shouted in unison. 'Where's the parchment?' cried Steph. Jed opened his bag and rummaged in its depths. 'Here' he said, bringing out the scrumpled yellowing paper. 'Let's read it again' Tim volunteered, reaching out his hand.

The Quartermaster holds the key to light. It heals the sick and brings illumination to the open minded

The sphere holder must raise his game and travel in a counter-clockwise manner from the first to the fourth quarter. In so doing all will be revealed on returning to the final quarter - the Quartermaster

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