Land of Gobeyond
The Creator
The Land of Gobeyond is literally beyond the known. Wherever you reach a border, Gobeyond is past it. Gobeyond is always present, whether it be in our imagination or in physical actuality.

Occasionally, it is possible to glimpse an insight into Gobeyond, though rarely can you stay for long. Gobeyond is both unusual and ordinary, mysterious and obvious. Sometimes you do not realise you are there, and at other times you can't imagine being anywhere else. The Land of Gobeyond is an adventure at every stage, and as such, you often have to search for hidden links, and that includes the links that take you back, as well as those that project you forward!

Our journey begins with our imagination. We consider the possibility that something might exist. We look for evidence and eventually, we may find that what we predicted is actually there. Scientists have followed this path many times! Gobeyond is the place where thoughts create substance. You may not see things. You may not find things. But know with certainty that they are there, waiting to be discovered or waiting to manifest themselves into someone's sense of reality.
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