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The Bugatti was built when I was aged 9 and the Charabanc (bus) was built 2 years later.

Richard CV (Charabanc)
Richard CV (Bugatti) 

The Bugatti originally had a blue transparent windscreen, a wiper and washer, a plastic fold-away rain canopy, a hinged driver's door, rear brake mechanism and side brake. Other features included a copper exhaust pipe, a wooden temperature gauge on the bonnet, and hinged steering arm.

The Charabanc employed a steering wheel from a Morris Minor, had a spring-loaded hand brake, 3 seats, a dashboard with a speedometer and an ignition key, a windscreen wiper and Morris Minor pump washer, front and rear battery operated lights, number plates, a tow hitch, hose-pipe petrol tank, electric motor (for sound effect) engine, and a rear cover. The seat backs could be removed and leg-holes covered to create a camper vehicle with a bed and a stow-away table top that rested level on the steering wheel.

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