This site is not a typical fan site with detailed information on the history of the Doctor and his various assistants and adventures. That information is widely available on sites that are more informed than this one! This site is about the effect Dr Who had on a young creative child, who as an adult, still has fond memories of the Timelord from Gallifrey.
Tardis on location & link to story
Who 1 and other vehicles For me, Dr Who began at age 7 when Jon Pertwee changed my life for ever. Although Patrick Troughton was the Dr Who I saw first, (and I feel has the best Dr Who look), Jon Pertwee was the person I emulated. The first Tardis started life as a chicken incubator lid found burried under a hedge
Autographed Picture
TARDIS Workshop
First Tardis & link to consoles
Who 1 as modelled on 'Bessie', the Doctor's car of the 1970's
WHO 1 'Bessie' & link to car
My younger brother was the Master - modelled on actor Roger Delgardo who sadly is now in another reality!
I modelled the entrance to my workshop on the TARDIS. Mirrors were used to create an illusion that the TARDIS was free-standing in my garage
Quarks - Comic Strip - Comic Strip